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For students, the session is the most hated period in the semester. Every day there are tests or examinations, eternal lack of sleep, a lot of accumulated cases. And everyone dreams of a wizard who would help solve all the problems. Students and school leavers have the most important and serious task – writing a final or examination essay. Bulk work, which requires a lot of dedication, time. Our dissertation help service is the real Chip and Dale, who are happy to rush to the rescue.

Custom Dissertation Writing Help

5 reasons to choose our dissertation writing service

Our dissertation writing help service will give you a piece of our soul and a lot of knowledge. Our kind Chips and Dales are quality and written like the style of the customer. Therefore, strangers (especially members of the commission) do not notice that the composition was written not by a student or an academic, but by someone else.

Work around the clock (even during the holidays)

We really love our work activities and are ready to spend a lot of time on it (sometimes to the detriment of rest). Our managers are always ready to listen to puzzled customers and provide assistance 24/7. So do not be afraid to write to us at 3 am or 5 am! In any case, we provide to help writing a dissertation.

10 years of experience

Any market changes regularly, but we have learned to track trends and often set them ourselves. We are not afraid of:

  • crisis;
  • dishonest and ungrateful clients;
  • lack of work.

We even had irresponsible authors. This experience has made us strong and the best in our field.

Ongoing online support

Our Chips and Dales are not only very smart but also educated. Do not allow rudeness and other manifestations of rudeness towards clients. And a person who does not adhere to this, we do not take to our writing help service.

Profitable customer discounts system

In addition to low prices, we have a discount system for regular customers. There are seasonal promotions during the holidays or before the session. And when ordering several jobs simultaneously, there is also a chance to get a nice bonus.

Local qualified writers

Among our Chips and Dales are mostly native speakers of English. They learn English since childhood, comprehend the peculiarities of this language, easily and competently write essays on it. But sometimes (rarely) we take foreign authors. The main requirement for them – the possession of English at a high level (B2 is not suitable, only C1 or C2). Therefore, the texts are grammatically correct, interesting and if necessary filled with aphorisms.

How do we choose authors for our team?

We understand how unpleasant it is to pay for a job and not to get the result you expect. To avoid such situations, the selection of authors is very thorough and serious. Before getting into the team of our assistants – Chips and Dales – each candidate is tested, after which he communicates with our specialists during an online interview and performs the trial order. If everything goes well, then such an author becomes our author. If not, we say goodbye.

Our wizards perfectly comprehend in the ideal:

  • grammar and spelling;
  • specificity of some kinds of the essay;
  • terminology;
  • quotes, aphorisms, statistics;
  • basic processes in their specialization, etc.

Information is taken only from reliable, official, proven sources. If that, we do not trust to Wikipedia!

The text will be completely unique. Our authors do not try to sell other people’s work, because they are proud only of their achievements!

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4 steps to get the tailor-made dissertation

Our reliable dissertation writing service offers a full service. We comprehend how to write different kinds of dissertations for all the specializations. The client only needs to correctly place the order.

Leave an application on the site

In the application, it is not enough to write “help me with my dissertation”. We need the following information:

  • type of the dissertation;
  • topic of written work;
  • volume (in characters or words);
  • academic level (you are a student or schoolchildren) to understand the difficulty level of the dissertation;
  • deadline (not the time, when you already need to submit the text, and how much time we can write it).

If the task is needed urgently (for execution you give 1-2 days), be sure to report it! Our Chips and Dales can do anything!

Wait for the author’s application to be processed and selected

Each author specializes in a certain type of the dissertation and has some level of writing. Therefore, to find the author for the order, we need time (our Chips and Dales work very hard and can be busy).

You do not have to wait long. Usually, this question is solved within 20-60 minutes.

Follow the order execution

For convenience, we create personal cabinets for our customers (we are sure you will want to contact us again). In it, you will see who is working on the order. The order status will change immediately when a certain stage of work is done. If the order expires, and you still do not get the job (which we’ve never had in 10 years of work), contact the manager to find out the situation.

Get it, sign it!

The work is ready when the inscription “Project is completed” appears in the online cabinet. This means that the essay is ready and waiting for download. After reading, please leave a feedback about the author’s work and about the work of the service. Our Chips and Dales also love praise for quality work!

So if you were asked to write a dissertation, and you are a very bad writer or have a technical mindset, our team is always happy to help!