How To Write A Research Paper On Human Trafficking

Writing a Research on Human Trafficking: Things You Should Pay Attention To

Human trafficking is a modern form of thralldom. It, like arms trafficking, is the most profitable direction for criminal business after drug trading. Unfortunately, at the moment this phenomenon continues to gain momentum. For this reason, it is worthwhile for students, as the future elite and the motor of society, to speculate on the main issues within this framework.

Topic Actuality: Why This Issue Is Relevant Today

Criminal activity in human trafficking and the use of slave labor is an urgent topic for criminological science. Many aspects of this criminal activity remain poorly understood.

There are:

  • a set of causes and victimological factors of human trafficking and the use of slave labor;
  • the characteristics of trafficking and the use of slave labor in cases where a particular country is the host country;
  • short-term measures to prevent these crimes.

In its content, human trafficking and the use of slave labor constitute a new type of criminal activity. It was not previously the subject of criminological research. Although the objective need for such research exists in connection with the need to develop scientific provisions. They will serve as the basis for implementing measures to prevent this criminal activity.

How to Start a Research Paper on This Topic

Since this topic is vital, you will not have problems with the beginning of your essay. You can quote statistics (believe, this in itself will be quite impressive in a bad sense), refer to the comment of a lawyer, political or scientific figure.

Introduction Example:

Human trafficking, especially women and children, is the reality of our time. Despite the fact that slavery as such was abolished more than 200 years ago, modernity has revived a similar to it institution. Throughout the world, hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children are annually bought, sold, transported and held against their will in conditions similar to slavery. Moreover, there is one more shocking reason. The proceeds from the sale of people contribute to the financial provision of international terrorist activities.

How to Write a Body of Research Paper on This Topic

Each body paragraph should justify your thesis statement. You must build your research in such a way that you gradually move from one argument to the next, holding a logical chain and building internal relationships. This will help you to make the most profound analysis of the problem.

Body Paragraphs Example:

As a topic, you can talk about trafficking in human beings as a global phenomenon and the problems that it provokes at the personal and state level. Starting each paragraph, use a mini-thesis statement.

It provokes social problems: trafficking separates children from their parents and families. High profits from trafficking lead to the rooting of this practice in a community, which is then repeatedly exploited as a ready source of new victims. Victims who have the opportunity to return to their communities are stigmatized or ostracized.

It leads to serious health problems. Viruses and sexually transmitted infections, HIV / AIDS are the results of involvement in prostitution. Feeling anxious, insomnia, depression and post-traumatic stress are the most common mental problems of modern slaves. There are unsanitary conditions and crowding. Together with poor nutrition, they create favorable conditions for the spread of infectious diseases, such as tuberculosis.

There is an erosion of state power. Armed conflicts, natural disasters, political or ethnic clashes can lead to a large number of internally displaced persons. They are vulnerable to trafficking. Governments in many countries are unable to protect women and children abducted from their own homes, schools or refugee camps. Bribes paid to law enforcement, immigration, and judicial officials do not allow the authorities to successfully combat corruption.

You can also look at the problem of trafficking in human beings from the different angle. Tell about the impact of this on the individual and the economy of a particular country. As arguments in your body paragraphs, use the following theses:

The use of slave labor causes complex harm to both the individual and the economy. Personality, getting into a dependent state, in most cases, loses its creative potential, emotionally dulls, working in conditions that do not meet the requirements of safety, get injured, and, eventually, die or become lost to the society. Especially dangerous is the forced conversion into slavery. It is connected with a complex of other violent crimes – kidnapping, causing harm to health, etc.

Slave labor is used in secret. And “entrepreneurs” who use it do not make a deduction to the state from the profits received, do not pay social and other taxes. The serviceman, even if he receives any remuneration, also does not carry out any tax or social deductions, however, the state will be forced to bear social burden against them – treatment, provision of housing, payment of pensions and other benefits.

The exploitation of slave labor also does political harm. This deepens the gap between the rich and the poor, reduces the number of jobs, respectively, increasing unemployment, exacerbating social tension. The damage caused to the country of importation of slaves is also significant at the international level. Illegal “export” of labor brings the same social problems that have already been mentioned, lowers the status of our country as a state that can not provide its citizens with the right to work, which allows itself such a shameful phenomenon as human trafficking.

How to Conclude a Research Paper on This Topic

Concluding your research say about the outcomes that have been drawn. It also makes sense to make a prediction and offer one or more solutions to the problem.

Conclusion Example:

In recent years, there has been a trend in the growth of crimes related to trafficking in human beings and the use of slave labor. This problem does not recognize state borders, does not make a difference between developed and developing countries – it is perfectly adapted to both poverty and luxury. This problem equally exists both for the peoples who are involved in military conflicts, and for those who live peacefully. Being connected with sex and huge sums of money, the problem concerns the most intimate aspects of a person’s life. It simultaneously affects the development of the whole society, turning a woman into a slave, reducing her existence to the level of an animal in its lowest manifestation. Modern human trafficking is a multifaceted threat to all peoples. It is seen as a modern form of slavery which is accompanied by the most brutal and most cruel violations of human rights. Trafficking in human beings is a deeply criminalized phenomenon. It covers all regions and most countries of the world and affects their situation. It contributes to social stratification, deprives the country of human capital, negatively affects labor markets, causing irreversible damage to human resources.


The global scale of this problem, coupled with the many ways to solve it, is an excellent topic for student research. It gives an opportunity to look at this question from different angles. So, feel free to use these tips and theses in order to create the “A” paper.