How To Write An Essay About Happiness In Life

Happiness in Life

Writing an essay about happiness in life requires objective thinking and proper research on the true essence of happiness. Before you start the writing process, there are some steps you need to observe. This will help you in organizing your essay and convey your message effectively.

How to start an essay on “Happiness In Life”

The first step is to research and meditate on the meaning of happiness. Here, a writer needs to view the concept from a personal perspective and also find out more about different definitions and meanings of the idea. This can be from a scholarly angle as well as the general conception that people have.

After that, the writer needs to note down the key concepts of happiness as well as their ideas on what makes them happy and compare them to the main concepts. Different people have different ideas about happiness, but there are fundamental principles on what brings about complete fulfillment in the life of a human being. Therefore, a comparison will clarify common misconceptions about what people expect vs. reality.

The next step is to create an outline of all the facts you are going to discuss in your paper. The outline is like a framework that will guide your thought flow during the writing process. Your outline can be in the form of a list consisting of bulleted points, or you can create a flow diagram that displays the interrelationships between your ideas. You should also divide your outline into an introduction, the body and finally the conclusion.

The introduction

The introduction sets the mood of the paper and thus should be engaging to the readers. Besides, it needs to provide an overview of the piece to enable readers to understand the direction you are taking. It is thus important to include a thesis statement, which summarizes the argument of the essay. Therefore, to create a good introduction, you will first define what happiness is. The reader needs to understand the meaning of the concept so that they can learn from the information you are going to deliver through your writing. Similarly, you will need to highlight the popular misunderstanding of happiness that people usually have about the meaning of being happy. You can utilize various examples of what people think brings joy and proceed to mention the factors that bring true happiness.

Introduction example

According to psychology, happiness is defined as an emotional state characterized by a positive emotional or mental state. The most common emotions associated with happiness are extreme joy and general contentment with life. Likewise, happiness is an emotion and therefore temporary. There are many conditions and things that people usually believe can bring about true happiness in their lives. Such include material possessions such as cars, good clothes, houses, and money. However, the kind of happiness they experience is usually an illusion and is fleeting. After some time we get bored with our material possessions, and we are perpetually in a state of wanting more. True happiness can only come from life experiences, positive human relations and finding a purpose in life. This essay is, therefore, a detailed discussion of the factors that can result in true and lasting happiness in human life.

How to write a body of an essay on “Happiness In Life”

In the previous segment, you had given the reader a highlight on what true happiness is all about. Therefore, in the body section, you will now give a detailed description of factors that lead to true happiness. Each paragraph is supposed to discuss a specific concept in detail. Besides, each paragraph should have a topic sentence which is the main point discussed. One thing to keep in mind is that the ideas in each of your paragraphs must have a relationship with one another. In other words, the ideas should flow logically.

Body paragraphs example

It is said that it is the little things in life that matter. These so-called ‘little things’ are mostly comprised of experiences. The challenges and tribulations we face in life serve to bolster our humility. When we soldier on through the tough times and overcome all obstacles, we emerge stronger in mind, and we learn to appreciate the good things in life. If everything in our lives were 100 percent perfect, we would never value important things in our lives. Making mistakes also serves in building true happiness. From these errors, we learn valuable lessons we can use later in our lives.

Positive relations with family and friends serve to help us live meaningful lives. Just like iron sharpens iron so do humans nurture and improve each other. Loving relationships with family give us self-assurance and enhance our focus in life. Good times are also much more memorable when shared with friends and loved ones. It is during such times that we develop cherished memories that we carry for the rest of our lives.

How to conclude an essay on “Happiness In Life”

The conclusion is a summary that emphasizes all the points you had discussed in the body section can be a valuable addition to this section. Likewise, you can give a word of encouragement aimed at motivating any reader who is currently experiencing an unhappy situation or who wishes to find lasting joy. Lastly, you can end your essay with a quote or a proverb that speaks about happiness.

Conclusion example

To sum it up, true and lasting happiness is attainable to any human being.  However, this is not something happens on its own. In most cases, you have to put in the required effort to achieve your ultimate goal of perpetual joy. This entails nurturing positive relationships and finding a purpose.  Attitude also plays a key role in whether you attain this status. Remember, whatever happens in your life whether good or bad, the choice to be happy or not is totally under your control.