How To Write An Essay About The Causes And Effects Of Obesity

The Causes And Effects Of Obesity

Before you start your essay about the causes and effects of obesity, there should be some question in the context that you should ask yourself. First, you should be in a position of evaluating the total number of overweight people in your area. Therefore, when commencing your essay, it is brilliant if you clearly figure out some essential points about the causes and effects of obesity.

What are the causes of obesity?

  • Living a lazy life (neglecting some work that requires physical involvement)
  • Having poor feeding habits

What are the effects of obesity?

  • Inadequate yield
  • Accompanying mental problems
  • Various health issues

Once you have come up with the ideas and points about the causes and effects of obesity, then it is high time that you incorporate them in the essay. We all know that there are many ways of structuring your essay, but in this article, we shall employ the approved version that is used by the IELTS examiners in order to achieve a good score in exams.

The approved essay format:

  1. Introduction
  2. Body paragraph – Causes
  3. Body paragraph – Effects
  4. Conclusion

Let us focus on each element in depth.


While you are writing your essay, you should specifically begin your introduction in two to three sentences:

  • Sentence 1 – You can rewrite the statement (You may either use, Today/These days/or Nowadays as the starting statement)

Example: (Today the number of people with obesity is highly increasing.)

  • Sentence 2 – Mention what you ought to write in your essay (The essay will talk about the main effects of the problem)

Example: (The essay’s focus is to evaluate the main reasons for the epidemic and substantiate the probable effects of the problem)

Body Paragraph 1 – Causes

  • Sentence 1 – In this part, you should account for all the possible causes of obesity

Example: (According to my own opinion, the possible causes of obesity are living a lazy lifestyle and having poor feeding habits.)

  • Sentence 2 – 3 – You should give a thorough outline of the causes of obesity. You should presume that your instructor does not have substantial knowledge and skills in this field. Therefore, you should provide deep information on the subject.

Example: (Currently, the majority of people are wholly dependent on cars rather than walking, most of them are not using physical force during working time. In the end, it brings about a reduction of fewer calories and weight gain.)

  • Sentence 4-5 – In your essay, you should describe the second cause. You should not forget that it is highly commendable if you give relevant examples when stating the causes in your essay.

Example: (Furthermore, the main problem is highlighted because of the yielding number of individuals who always eat often and take in huge amounts of high-calorie food. For example, approximately 60% of Europe’s adult population who are consuming high-calorie food is presently ailing from obesity.)

Body Paragraphs 2 – Effects

  • Sentence 1 – you should state some potential effects

Example: (Some of the likely effects of the problem are physical health complications and reduced performance.)

  • Sentence 2-3 – elaborate on the first effect and give an example

Example: (First, obesity leads to improper functioning of the body and increases the possible risks of the emergence of another chronic disease in your body such as diabetes. For example, an increase in the individual body fats, the person’s metabolism slows down, which in the end results to heart failure or diabetes.)

  • Sentence 4-6 – state and explain the second effect and support it with a concrete example

Example: (Second, people with obesity always have poor health and often suffer from chronic stress and experience fatigue. As a result, it decreases their capability in executing certain tasks thus leading to lower output. According to scientific analysis, it is known that obese individuals require much energy to complete a given duty, unlike an individual with normal weight.)


In your essay, the concluding paragraph should restate the main problem and generally sum up the causes and effects that were discussed in your essay body. This will notify the reader that you were conversant with what you were writing in your body.

Example: (Conclusively, it is known that obesity is a huge problem that affects every young and old in the world today. It is mainly caused by having a lazy lifestyle and eating problems. On the other hand, it leads to unembellished health problems and a decrease in performance.)