How To Write An Essay On “How Technology Changed Our Lives”

How Technology Changed Our Lives

It is hard to imagine how our life would have developed if many of our daily habitual things had not been invented. Every day we use the cellular network, products of nuclear energy. We are hostages of electricity, modern roundabouts, social networks: if one of these things disappears, life starts to seem deficient. The most interesting point in technological progress is the time window it covers. Decades and centuries should have passed in the past to lead to some results, now we can see significant changes in one to five years.

Many things have changed since a human started a process of developing its culture. To write an analysis of technological changes, you need to be aware of the history of mankind to see the parallels between past and present. Start with the introduction, in which describe the effects of time passing and place of a human in the historical process. Make a preliminary research to decide on which spheres of technologies you want to concentrate.

The most profitable ways are:

  • Writing about one sphere with details. It may be a discussion about computer technologies with an emphasis on the most important inventions, divided into paragraphs.
  • Discussing the most relevant achievements in popular directions: computers, space technology, artificial intelligence.
  • Focusing on general things and comparison of opportunities. Mention things which people have now as regular, but had no such opportunity in the past. Split these things into the groups: culture, food, clothes, transport etc.

After choosing a direction of your essay, finish the introduction with a laconic thesis statement. Technological achievements will form future body paragraphs – sort them in the logical order. The last point of the thesis statement should be the most persuasive and give a hint at the conclusion.


Time changes things dramatically – it influences not our lives only, but our environment. Human inventions have led to a situation when modern people could not get back to the past. Different life conditions, climate changes, and non-adaptability to emergency situations have happened with humankind. Science, literature, and art were developing collectively, but science delivered the most visible results. Today we can observe how technology changes life in communication, life expectancy, self-expression and time-saving.

Start body paragraphs with topic sentences which indicate the meaning of thesis statement points. Depending on the direction of your essay, add some useful information to the paragraphs. It is possible to mention the years and names of inventors, historical facts to make a research more weighty. Compare the past and present and emphasize the privileges which people received from technologies. If you want to mention some negative aspects of the progress, do it in the last body paragraph as a counter-argument.


Technological world empowered people to communicate with each other. Our life has stopped to concentrate on one district, city, country and even continent over time. Communication between different people has become possible due to the cellular network, internet, and transportation systems. The majority of quick connection means appeared only at the end of the 20th century. Technologies gave a chance to broadcast an event to the different world destinations. It is much easier now to build intercultural relationships and make people aware of the variety of animal world, cultural peculiarities, and significant developments.

One more thing that has changed and is visible throughout centuries is life expectancy. In the Middle Ages people lived around thirty years – now this figure rises to eighty years in developed countries. The reasons for it are simple: food quality, medical services, and sanitation. All of these factors have changed over the years due to technologies, but medical services made the situation completely different. Serums from various diseases and vaccination culture reduced the possibility of plague outbreaks and death by infectious diseases. Combined with facilities which check food for contamination and bacteria, medicine will continue to increase life expectancy.

Internet communication enabled expressing yourself in different ways. If in the past you could not combine two activities at the same time and be creative, now it is possible. To become a writer, an actor it is not obligatory to finish courses and get an education. Such social platforms as YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr allow making photos, videos, writing whatever you want and share it with millions of people. It is much easier to promote important things and choose the authority which will hear it. Except for self-expression, internet technologies provide the opportunity to make money on your hobby. It works also for people with disabilities, who had no such opportunity in the 20th century.

The last and the most important technological innovation is very simple – time-saving. Complex issues of preparing food, making clothes and cleaning the house now are solved by society. People can allocate time to their inner desires, concentrate on work and traveling. Technologies empowered women to be less busy with household and develop their personalities. In a long run, devices will substitute more and more functions, which might lead to other inventions. Processes in which the result was usually visible in more than 20 years are shortened to one year. Nevertheless, time in the modern world is precious – effective use of it brings money and social importance.

Conclude your essay with a summary of the most essential technological impacts. Mention whether the progress is a positive or negative thing on your opinion. Rephrase points from thesis statement and read your essay once again to avoid repetitions. Check paragraph balance and add some information to the weakest statements.


Technologies have the cumulative effect and continue to influence the mankind and the world around it. People made a trip into space, built the Panama Canal and have been working on a cure for many illnesses. All of these things were impressive at the time and would not be possible without hard daily work. While some people have a lack of time, others have a plenty of it: the situation stays the same for many centuries, but the proportion has changed dramatically. We have received many benefits from developing science and culture of thought, but the number of problems also has increased. It is important to find a pattern in the human development and discover, whether technology brings complete changes or just mirror the past events.