How To Write An Essay On Life And Works Of Jose Rizal

Life And Works Of Jose Rizal

It is hard to argue that nationalists and their bios always captivated much attention. Since nationalism is a bad thing, but it used to withdraw attention of millions of people. Jose Rizal was a widely famous Filipino nationalism and polymath in the 1980s. During the colonial period of the Philippines, he was one of the most important figures. He was an ophthalmologist and this fact makes the man even more interesting for society. Later he became a writer and one of the major members of the Filipino Propaganda Movement which stood for political reforms for colonies under Spain. Writing about some personality, we have to pay attention to his life, interests, to his background and the ways he took decisions. An essay on Rizal or any other personality is very interesting since you will have to check out facts, you will have to use old sources to find out more about this person.

How to start this essay?

Starting an academic essay, you should keep in mind that this is the primary paragraph your readers will see. It is very important to show your best in this paragraph. Initially, you have to introduce Rizal and somebody readers are not acquainted. Yes, it is true – your academic paper should be clear to everyone, even if it’s a person from Asia (remember that there are multi-cultural people in your university). The second thing you have to do is to gather maximum facts on this person and insert two or three main thoughts you are going to discuss in your paper. It will be your preview for other paragraphs. Remember that the aim of this one is to captivate attention of your professor and everyone who would read it. It does not matter you have to insert weird words – just proofread your paper twice after you are done. Another piece of advice is to give the paper to your friends, family or other professor and ask them about your writing style.


It is hard to neglect that such topics as nationalism and propaganda always captivate much attention. Rizal is one of those legendary persons who did a lot of bad, but really remained in history. This essay is devoted to Rizal — one of the most prominent nationalists in the history of Philippines. Speaking on nationalism does not matter one needs to back it up, on the other side of a hand – the more we understand about this problem as in history, the more mistakes we will avoid in the future. There are three main concepts this paper will be emphasized on. Initial one is the personality of Rizal, the second thing is how nationalism and other ideas had influence on him and the last topic is alternative ways of Rizal’s destiny. There are conclusion paragraph which summarizes all thoughts and appendix which shows some photos and notes by Rizal. This essay is aimed to show life and works of Rizal and how it influenced on our contemporary society.

How to write a body of this essay?

The name of this paragraph says for itself – body. This part requires maximum attention from you. Take your time and gather as much information for your essay you can. Do you have a library in your university? The answer is yes. Then use all available sources on Rizal. If you have an access to e-library or some regional library, visit it by all means. The libraries of such level will really provide you more information on your topic and it means your essay will have more chances to get A or A+. Writing on life and works is not the easiest thing because you have to try to become that person and think the way he lived, thought and did everything. However, this approach will help you to write a bright and clear essay that your professor will really appreciate. Remember that in this paragraph you have to show maximum of facts and researches done during your work with this essay. It goes without mentioning that this paraphrase has to be proofread twice – a piece of advice is to print out the whole paper and proofread it with a pencil.

Body paragraphs:

It is hard to cut Rizal’s personality even in a book. Born in 1861, he came from Francisco Mercado and Teodora Alonso, he saw the world in Calamba, Laguna province. The most interesting fact about his family for our modern society is that he had nine sisters and one brother. However, it was not something surprising for those times. His mom and dad leasedholded a few farms by the Dominicans. The full name of Rizal is José Protasio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda, because even before he was given birth, his family had adopted additional surnames for some census purposes (however they were born with Spanish names). As well as numerous people in the Philippines, his family were of mixed origin, that’s why it is hard to define Rizal’s one and only personality. The Chinese merchants, Spanish militaries and Mexican farmers are just a few nationalities who were in Rizal’s family three.

How to conclude this essay?

Conclusion is a paragraph your professor and any other readers will keep in mind. It is a rule. Thus, you need to write a decent conclusion which will summarize all thoughts, concepts and life events of Rizal. Since you are writing a paper on a personality, you can add some assessment by you. To emphasize on conclusion, we recommend to print out the whole essay and read it from the top to the bottom. Take a blank piece of paper and write down all major ideas, interesting facts from Rizal’s biography and other things you want to emphasize. This easy thing will help you to highlight main ideas in conclusion. Another advice is avoid writing conclusion even before you start an introduction or a body paragraph. Remember that you cannot summarize the paper until you have written it. Do not forget to proofread the conclusion and edit it if required.


Rizal is José Protasio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda is one of the brightest personalities: a polymath and an ophthalmologist by profession he always captivated much attention of society. It is hard to argue that his interest in nationalism was one of those things which scared people. At the same moment his deep passion to nationalism always made people confused. Analyzing his childhood and adolescence, it is easy to understand that Rizal came from a poor family and one of his motives was money and glory. He managed to became famous all over the Philippines and all over the world with his nationalism ideas. However, it helped all people from the Philippines to protect their rights, that is why many of them call Rizal the first Philippino. It is hard to overrate the importance of this person for the Philippines: truly, he was a genius who managed to combine numerous ideas and put them to practice during his life. It is not surprisingly that many people compare him with Leonardo Da Vinci.