List Of 150 Definition Essay Topics

Top 150 Definition Essay Topics

We live in a complicated world that is full of secrets and mysteries. We discover new things every single day and absorb fresh information that keeps on coming with no intention of stopping. It’s only logical for new things to have unique meanings! To keep up with times, we need to figure out the purpose of matters and have a perfect understanding of the concept behind the newly born words.

Definition Essay Topics

There are so many words, terms, and subjects that demand a certain level of intelligence for us. We hear them all the time, but we can’t explain what they mean to people next to us. Even if we do, listeners can have a hard time capturing the info flow coming from your mouth, and they end up being even more puzzled then before. Some things are not cut out for explanations “on the fingers”, they are complex and belong on the paper. Grasping the knowledge that is typed in carefully is easier than following the lead of a talker who can lose the kernel of truth in the process of explanation.

Schools, universities, and colleges are all perfect places for your education, and that is why professors like to give their students definition essay assignments. That type of paper is dedicated for further evaluation of the concept that is relevant to society. Your primary task while writing this essay is to research and educate people about the origins and true definitions of certain subjects. Choosing the topic for this essay is the most important step, as you will be tied down to a single word most of the time! Don’t be scared! The following one hundred and fifty topic suggestions will give you a nice theme to get involved with, as two words can’t define a lot of things mentioned in the list, that is why they deserve more room for clarification.

  1. Chauvinism
  2. Dictatorship
  3. Corruption
  4. Nepotism
  5. Malfeasance
  6. Extortion
  7. Jingoism
  8. Zealotry
  9. Communism
  10. Collectivism
  11. Depression
  12. Melancholy
  13. Sorrow
  14. Dejection
  15. Loyalty
  16. Integrity
  17. Trust
  18. Friendship
  19. Family
  20. Responsibility
  21. Faith
  22. Hope
  23. Love
  24. Romance
  25. Custody
  26. Tutoring
  27. Obligation
  28. Balance
  29. Zeitgeist
  30. Isolation
  31. Discrimination
  32. Racism
  33. Pride
  34. Fame
  35. Success
  36. Failure
  37. Self-Esteem
  38. Honor
  39. Dignity
  40. Gratification
  41. Sufficiency
  42. Arrogance
  43. Egotism
  44. Patronage
  45. Snobbery
  46. Pretentiousness
  47. Valor
  48. Narcissism
  49. Perseverance
  50. Durability
  51. Tenacity
  52. Intensity
  53. Charisma
  54. Star Quality
  55. Menace
  56. Reputation
  57. Respect
  58. Grit
  59. Hustle
  60. Enslavement
  61. Addiction
  62. Obsession
  63. Mania
  64. Phobia
  65. Passion
  66. Affection
  67. Dedication
  68. Devotion
  69. Paroxysm
  70. Eagerness
  71. Sentiment
  72. Volatility
  73. Personality
  74. Optimism
  75. Pessimism
  76. Workaholic
  77. Laziness
  78. Occupation
  79. Business
  80. Commission
  81. Corporation
  82. Politics
  83. Economy
  84. Recession
  85. Sociopathy
  86. Sociology
  87. Social Rights
  88. Racism
  89. Emasculation
  90. Surrealism
  91. Truth
  92. Imagination
  93. Cognition
  94. Brilliance
  95. Universe
  96. Galaxy
  97. Poverty
  98. Bankruptcy
  99. Deficit
  100. Adequacy
  101. Bipolar Disorder
  102. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  103. Independence
  104. Creativity
  105. Flair
  106. Influence
  107. Team Work
  108. Management
  109. Coaching
  110. Inspiration
  111. Millenium
  112. Perfectionism
  113. Pettiness
  114. Autism
  115. Buddhism
  116. Tourism
  117. Capitalism
  118. Socialism
  119. Terrorism
  120. Leadership
  121. Anticipation
  122. Determination
  123. Aggression
  124. Bravery
  125. Reputation
  126. Status
  127. Role
  128. Nihilism
  129. Heroism
  130. Arsitocratism
  131. Veganism
  132. Suicide
  133. Genocide
  134. Achievement
  135. Violence
  136. Fury
  137. Antagonist
  138. Competiton
  139. Rivalry
  140. Punctuation
  141. Self-Awareness
  142. Harassment
  143. Entertainment
  144. Bullying
  145. Abortion
  146. Atheism
  147. Alcoholism
  148. Marriage
  149. Death

So many items to pick from, as every list entry is a perfect fit for a definition essay. It is almost impossible to encapsulate the meaning of every word mentioned above in one collocation. In this type of essay you provide the reader not only with the text that is written in the vocabulary next to the highlighted word, but also your own perception and understanding of the element. Your life experience will be very helpful when writing out your takes! It will enhance your structure with a lesson that is worth learning. You must find the truth behind the word, must be able to talk about it for hours in order to produce an A+ bound paper.

In order to choose one subject for the examination, you must rely on your senses and knowledge. It would be easier for you to write about something that really resonates with your personality or reminds you of events that influenced you as a person. Opinions of learned and recognized bright minds will guide you to the gist of things and help you add on some invaluable information to the essay. Most of the topics that were suggested to you involve ambiguous terms that are from being physical objects. Think about it, if you wrote an essay about a physical object that will get the same definition from a crowded pool of individuals, what is the value of your work?

Your explanation has to be thorough and detailed, in-depth and extensive. It must interest your professor too, as he or she will grade your essay. Only those people decide what mark would your paper be blessed with, so it makes sense to ask teachers about the topics they would be interested in. After getting a direction and regulations about the essay structure get down to work immediately! You must dive into the concept and develop a splendid comprehension until you get down to typing. Try to look at things from a different angle, discuss the topic with friends and family or even read a book or two that are focused on the matter! It is a fairly easy assignment that can put your creativity and awareness to good use. An excellent definition essay will not be dismissed, it will also help you learn about life beyond the walls of your alma mater.