List Of “Hamlet” Essay Topics

Top 30 “Hamlet” Essay Topics

William Shakespeare wrote the tragedy “Hamlet” many centuries ago, but even today there are a lot of questions, which are connected with his work and which are interested in many appraisers of Shakespeare’s literature activity. The main character of the tragedy — Hamlet appears to be a real man of his days, that is why a lot of readers do not understand his behavior and his actions seem to be strange for modern bookworms.

Simultaneously, the main character of the tragedy is out of the time, because the way he solved problems and think about everlasting problems, how he coped with difficulties present Hamlet as both modern and ancient personality. Even though centuries a lot of dilemmas appeared at the life path of Hamlet are pertinent in duration. The most imposing is a problem of the perpetual fight between good and evil, the problem that will not be solved during the next plurality of ages. All the time a human being trying to balance good and evil: some people choose between it, others return from one to another, as he or she can not realize that there is both good and evil in the world. This and abundance dilemmas in this pearl of the Shakespeare’s legacy are very acclaimed nowadays, so here are top 30 essay topics based on “Hamlet”.

Hamlet’s problem of the choice: good or evil
Such a common problem even among modern people was the worst in the soul of the main character of Shakespeare’s tragedy. Encrustations inside were caustic for Hamlet, but he had to live despite all that problems.

”To be or not to be, that is the question”
Under the weigh of all problems Hamlet was very frustrated by the life, all occurring was so irritating for his, that Hamlet had an intention to make away with his life, but didn’t do it as it considered to be a sin. But still the main character is interested in the entity of the death: it is just sleep or the continuity of life?

Can the murder be justified?
Not actually, but do not forget that awful circumstances were created for Hamlet, so how he, as an ordinary person could live in it? He desired to live a harmonious and fair life, but his surrounding which was full of sins and living dirty lives put his life under the threat of the death.

Hamlet as a hero of the universe literature
People are different and for some of them Hamlet is a positive character with the difficult fate, but for others, he does not deserve all he had due to the fact that he killed innocent people.

The importance of betraying in the former choices of Hamlet
During the whole tragedy Hamlet experience, two serious betrays: from his mother and the brother of the king. They influenced his former actions and behavior and became the motivation for his to kill a human in the future.

The tragic element in the character of Hamlet
The tragedy cannot be empty of tragic events and characters — it is an interesting topic to discuss.

Comparative characteristic of Hamlet and Laertes
In every literary work there are two characters, which you intentionally want to compare because sometimes their actions are the same, but sometimes differs. They are like two absolutely different worlds and in Shakespeare’s work such persons are Hamlet and Laert.

Evolution of Hamlet’s beliefs in the tragedy
At first, Hamlet believed that a human being is the center of the world — it is small but wise enough to investigate and improve it. But with time passes by, taking into account how much blood had been poured, it is rather natural that his beliefs changed.

What is the worth of life?
In the time when Hamlet lived, a really precious thing for people was not life, but the desire to be better than others, to have more, despite all other people, who you can harm.

What is a death for Hamlet?
Comparing to other characters of the tragedy, for Hamlet death was something more than just the end of his or someone else life, he felt it with every cell of his body.

Are the love and friendship real?
Despite this work was written a long times ago, its crucial ideas are still up-to-date. How many of you experienced the feeling of betraying in friendship or love?

Characteristic of Claudius
What is in the head of the killer of his own brother and was the desire to obtain power so big to make the murder?

How can the person be happy in the life full of betrays?
Not an easy question to answer, but many of us had unlucky experience, so this theme is close to our life like none of mentioned earlier.

Can the evil be destroyed?
Living a life full of adventures and failures, Hamlet, like none else knows a sincere and real response to this question.

Hamlet thoughts about which a human being has to be?
His intentions were very benevolent, but did they were changed during his entire life?

Resolution or brain?
How Hamlet and Laertes behaved after the death of their fathers? Laertes acted intentionally and Hamlet had a special secret plan, who of them was better?

The characteristic of Hamlet
Here you should describe just general issues of the personality of Hamlet.

Characteristic of Ophelia
At first sight, she is not the main character, but her part in the entire plot is very important.

The general characteristic of Hamlet’s mother Gertrude
A very appealing personality of Gertrude and her behavior, that influenced her son’s life is an interesting topic to investigate.

Typical features of Polonius
How it is to be a right hand of his own brother’s killer, Polonius know it on his own experience.

The tragedy of Hamlet: can everything be otherwise?
The way we go today will give us a destination tomorrow. The choices Hamlet made were not ideal, but could everything be otherwise?

The friendship with Horatio: which it was?
Horatio was a real friend to Hamlet, even wanted to drink from the poisoned grace cup, but were they similar in opinions?

The role of Horatio in the tragedy
Every main character has a real friend who will help him to overcome life difficulties. This friend to Hamlet in the tragedy was Horatio.

Hamlet — an ideal hero of his time
Rueful feelings, death, and murders — all these are an essential part of the literary works of authors of that time.

Everlasting problems of human beings
Everyone needs drama to feel life better, but did the life exception has changed over the centuries?

Inside conflict of Hamlet
As an ordinary person, he has conflicts not only with others.

The mission of the human being
Which life lessons can be taken from Hamlet’s experience?

Tragedy of personality
It is not only about Hamlet, but about other characters of the tragedy, as their life was not simple.

Philosophically-esthetic problematic of characters
Philosophy of the characters is motivation for their actions.

The main motives of Hamlet
As well as Anyone in the tragedy, Hamlet actions were provoked by inner feelings.