List Of Rogerian Essay Topics

30 Rogerian Essay Topics

Many types of essays are written to tell readers about something, describe objects or places, analyze and compare different events. When it comes to Rogerian essays, the approach is much different, the objective of a person who writes this paper is to involve other speakers, opponents, and listeners into a debate.

Rogerian topics are different from many other debatable topics. They are usually very polemical, grab the attention of the people even if they don’t much like to debate, and have stronger arguments. Newspapers use similar titles for their articles to grab the attention of a huge number of readers.

Choose a good topic and write the excellent content. It will encourage your opponents to negotiate. The goal is not to make an aggressive discussion but to find a common point of view to solve difficult social problems. When discussing such things, people understand the opinions of other people, and they may change their vision of the stated problem.

What Are Rogerian Topics About?

Most usually, they are connected with social issues that have different points of view in the society, there are many sides in the discussion and people talk about it for hours. Many issues stated on such a topic may cause aggression and misunderstanding. That’s why these problems should be solved and people should learn to understand opponents with whom they disagree.

Titles of such essays are connected with religion, politics, behavior in public places, homosexualism, education, drugs, etc. In all these areas, there are different opinions and people spent hours trying to convince others that they are right. That is why it is simple to involve opponents in such a discussion.

How to Choose a Rogerian Topic for a Paper?

Look at the current social problems and consider which of them are close to you, for example, if you are an enemy of smoking, you can use a title connected with the banning of smoking in public. You can be worried about girls who became mothers at a young age. If you are, can choose a topic of teenage pregnancy.

If you think that religion is not relevant to modern people, you can talk about the reasons for learning religion in schools. If you or your friend has a non-traditional orientation, you can focus on the rights of such people in modern society. If there are no many social issues that are relevant to you, choose any other interesting area which is familiar to you and you want to negotiate with others.

What Should You Avoid When Selecting Rogerian Topics?

Conversations about such things are not always warm and friendly. When talking about such topics, many people start using obscene language, using illegal discussion methods and even fighting. That is why you shouldn’t provocate people too much if you think that your debate may go in the wrong direction.

You should also avoid using arguments that are not supported by facts. There is no meaning in your speech if it’s based on fake information or unverified content, that is why you should use only reliable information sources or you will be caught by your opponents.

Avoid trying to prove that you are right by any means needed, the goal is not to win but to reach a consensus by providing arguments from all sides. You should not only talk but also listen to your opponents and find the points where you both have the similar vision of the issue.

Rogerian Topics Examples

The trick about such things is that they can represent any of two or more opposite sides. You can write a paper “Smoking in public have to be permitted”. However, you can also write a “Smoking in public should be allowed” essay, depending on what side you want to choose. Here you will find a few ideas that may inspire you, and you can write a paper with absolutely opposite statements and topics.

  1. Teenage pregnancy can be prevented only by the means of education.
  2. Schools should teach students to create rather than use already created patterns.
  3. We should go back to voting by using only traditional ballot paper.
  4. Medical treatments have to be free for all immigrants that came to our country.
  5. All weapons that citizens have should be registered to find the criminals fast and easily if they use any weapon.
  6. Children should be allowed to work for money from the young age.
  7. People should be able to drink legally when they become 18 years old.
  8. Teenagers cannot make right decisions and parents should be responsible for their actions and handle difficult decisions of their kids.
  9. No information from the Internet can be censored.
  10. Cannabis should be allowed for medical purposes.
  11. The US government should control the number of children in a family depending on the current trends, like governments in other countries do.
  12. The biblical theory of the Universe creation should not be taught in schools.
  13. People of the same gender should not be allowed to kiss in public.
  14. People of the same gender should have all the rights that traditional couples have, including marriage and permissions as parents.
  15. Restricting tobacco ads is the way to prevent people from smoking.
  16. Cameras in every corner is a good method to prevent crimes.
  17. People are too dependent on technologies, so we should teach children to avoid them and use other sources of the information.
  18. Popular celebrities should spend more money on charity.
  19. The system of testing in modern school have to be revised because it doesn’t help to test children correctly.
  20. Obscene language in songs should be restricted by law.
  21. Illegal immigrants can stay in the country if they will work for several months for society.
  22. Teachers should avoid speaking about sex with students to prevent early pregnancies.
  23. People who have more money must share it with those who have less money.
  24. The USA much not interfere into other countries political events even if its economics is connected with the politics in these countries.
  25. The traditional working day should be reduced and it will make our work more productive.
  26. Our taxing systems should be improved to meet the needs of people.
  27. Educational programs in schools are not relevant to current needs and challenges of society and all the courses have to be revised.
  28. Children should learn to fight for themselves and teachers don’t have to participate in anti-bullying programs.
  29. Internet should be censored and experts should be able to delete the fake information on any website where they find it.
  30. People should work together to solve their common problems and success the consensus.