What Is A Thesis Statement And How To Make It Strong

Confident writing of a strong thesis statement

The statement of a thesis is a crucial part of any writing – starting from the essay up to the doctoral dissertation. Even if you do not plan to connect your life with the scientific activity, the creation of a head-note is not bounded just with the college projects. The skill of creating strong statements will do for you a good turn when writing a blog article, preparing a presentation for the job, effective sales, persuasive discussion and many other life situations.

What is actually a thesis statement?

A thesis statement is a quintessence of the whole work. This statement represents a summary, it means that it needs to be laconic and pointed to the kernel of the problem. Usually, for an essay, it can fit just one or two lines and grow in the volume up to one or two pages if it is a doctoral dissertation. And it is meant that the main volume of the publication will be devoted to the providing of the proofs to these theses.

The main aim of a thesis is to transmit to the reader the core material in a short form. It is a complex task that requires from the author to analyze profoundly the problem that may take quite a lot of time. The more thoroughly the writer understand the matter, the more competently he will be able to select the most important arguments.

Despite the small size of this text element, it has a significant weight and responsibility. The readers will evaluate the entire work by the theses formulation. An unsuccessfully formulated thesis can create by the readers the wrong impression or discourage them to get acquainted with the whole publication while a strong term attracts the attention both to the author and to his writing results, builds for him an image of an intelligent person or even engages the investors who are ready to provide a financial support for further scientific research in case it is a graduate academical writing.

How to create a thesis?

Creating a thesis is a complex and responsible task that requires a serious attitude and preparation. A thesis statement is not a result of one-minute thinking after getting the assignment; it is quite a long process that includes many steps.

  1. Choose the topic. If the essay topic is not established by the teacher, you can come up with your own idea. Take the most interesting theme for you to provide yourself with strong motivation.
  2. Identify the aim and actuality. Knowing your audience it would be easier for you to attract its attention and to direct its focus to the problem. Your thesis will deserve more interest from the readers if it concerns actual and important question.
  3. Find unusual arguments. Extraordinary arguments will provide your work with novelty and dynamics. Fresh approach and vision of the matter will express the individuality of the essay author and provoke the desire to read the work.
  4. Make sure that your theses are provable. The essential part of your essay is devoted to the presenting of the evidence that your thesis is right. Make certain that you will not need to write “Oops!.” at the end of your essay.
  5. Improve your statements. Any good things are not created from the first trial. A great result implies that you have to look for the ways of enhancement. Do not be lazy to edit your thesis until you are absolutely satisfied with it.

How to know if the thesis is strong?

It is a question that should ask himself every essay author who wants to create an impressive text. Here are the most reliable criteria to check it.

  • A strong statement is precise and specific. The strength does not assume poetic license and laxity. Try to avoid inaccuracies, ambiguous phrases, too broad concepts, incomprehensible meanings.
  • A strong statement must answer the question “What I want to say?”. In contrast, the weak thesis will rather answer the question “What is the text about?”. It is not a retelling of the text but its main message.
  • A great statement is subjective. Agree that the person needs to be brave and strong enough to express his individual meaning. The statement should be arguable and provoke the reader to think. The audience may converge in the opinion of the author or agree with it.
  • A strong thesis does not include excessively bureaucratic words and phrases. They are very formal and make your reader stay indifferent to the problem. Even if it is actual, you need to pay attention to how it looks and how it sounds.
  • A strong statement keeps the structure of the whole text. Usually, a strong claim allows developing the theme and avoiding the excessive wordiness. If the foundation is too fragile, the entire text will be weak.
  • An influential thesis has a form of the statement but not the question. If you have what to say, do it confidently. The question shows the author like to be unsure of his own opinion. The audience can listen only for the person with a strong position.
  • A powerful statement is clear. Clarity indicates the ability of the writer to transmit his idea to the audience. Every reader should understand what the author wanted to say, why is it true, what does it mean, etc.
  • A strong thesis is impactful. After reading such a statement, the reader will get a desire to continue reading the essay to the end and after will have a point to think about. Strong statements can change the meaning and attitude of the audience to the problem.
  • A strong thesis is reasonable. The important role here plays the logical and rational thinking of the author. The reader will better understand and accept the idea of the writer if it is explained and supported with persuasive arguments.
  • A strong statement speaks about the problems of the audience. To make people involved, you have to learn their needs, interests, hurts, etc. They should be a guide for an author because he writes not for himself.

5 Examples of a thesis on random topics:

  1. There are no special words that will force the reader to buy.
  2. Any emotion should suit the person you are talking to.
  3. More and more women in our country want to become entrepreneurs and start their own business.
  4. The growing level of unemployment in the villages is the main reason for rising urbanization.
  5. The difficult ecological situation of the region is aggravated because of the growth of plants’ emissions into the atmosphere.